Riyaz Motan, MFT

One of the greatest honors and commitments I have in my life is to be able to help others find freedom from suffering and to awaken to their essential wholeness.  My work is grounded in the belief that we experience suffering when we are not fully in touch with our essence.  Certain experiences – be it in our early childhood, adult life, or from societal and cultural forces – create pain, and so we often unconsciously and reflexively close down in some way in an attempt to minimize this pain. Unfortunately, when we close down to our pain, we also close down to our essence; and in doing so we lose our innate sense of openness and receptivity to life. 

Having a skilled and compassionate guide can be a vital part of this human journey from suffering to wholeness. As a guide I offer a warm and inviting presence to explore just what is keeping you from living fully as the aliveness that you are.  In coming from a place of deep listening, I invite you to listen more deeply to yourself. As we bring awareness and curiosity to your mind, your body, and your emotions, we begin to see just how your habitual patterns of thinking, sensing, and feeling are limiting your experience of the fullness of life.  It is through this welcoming acceptance and clear seeing of your conditioned beliefs, and fixed ways of being, that your natural and innate self expression begins to emerge and to make itself fully known.


I currently have two separate Training and Consultation Groups going through the Spring (Jan to May). Please contact me to learn more, and about the possibility of joining a group later in 2021.

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